NFTMart and artist XIXITONG reached a collaboration

7 min readOct 28, 2021


Recently, the theme of female creation has become popular in the NFT centralized mode. The well-known NFT trading platform NFTMart of Polkadot is fortunate to formally sign a collaboration with the well-known overseas artist XIXITONG, and is supported by the ecological partner Fuji Art Space.

This collaboration will help XIXITONG’s representative works to be published in NFTMart. And from this, we can see how to interpret research on global women’s topics under the impact of visualization, and help traditional brand IP to adapt to the values of young people through the communication ability of NFT encryption art.

XIXITONG has a high popularity due to the unique charm of her works. This is also her first time to participate in the creation of the blockchain field. While creating a different kind of spark, we believe that the deep NFT works will bring long-term value to investors.


XIXITONG graduated from Bunka Fashion college and is studying at Central Saint Martins. During this period, she collaborated with British magazines many times. The main co-productions include VOGUE ME, l’officiel Ukraine, Copy magzine, Lampoon Magzine. Her painting “Fight with the dragon for too long, also become the dragon itself” is collected in W&K Gallery Beijing BACA Art Center “Inner Freedom” trio exhibition, 2020.

The emerging female artist-XIXITONG will have a conversation with us across time and space. First, please introduce yourself to us.

Q1: We found that you are a very complex artist. Your works span the fields of photography, painting, performance art, and 3D creation. What kind of academic or life experience has given you so many ways of expressing in your artworks?

A: I think my academic experience is very depressing. I studied at Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts as an undergraduate. At the beginning of my freshman year, I felt that I was suffering every day. I wanted to drop out but my family didn’t allow it, so I continued to study until I graduated. I had already started applying to foreign schools before I graduated. Because I have always felt that all disciplines have no barriers, I applied for five different disciplines including Fineart, Women’s Clothing, Art Management, Comprehensive Materials, and Graphic Film. Among them, there are MA and BA. After I got the Offer, I finally chose to continue studying women’s clothing. It should be because I was simmering in my heart to do this thing that I didn’t like that much. Maybe because I always felt that all art is interlinked, so when working on the same theme and project, I will adopt a mixture of many methods. From a personal point of view, my own usual personality is very casual and peaceful, but as long as I make art works, I will put all my emotions and thoughts in the work with extreme honesty.

Q2: Many of your works have deep ideas and discuss some philosophical issues, such as: “Fight with the dragon for too long, also become the dragon itself”. Can you give us a detailed introduction to the inner nature of this artwork Is his philosophical logic and creative background?

A: This work was painted during college. At that time, I was really isolated by the people in the school. Later I felt that my own attitude made me isolate everyone. I always see this forest every day when I walk back to my apartment from school. Sometimes it’s windy and sometimes rainy, and sometimes I imagine myself in the woods as a martial artist. Because the reality is not so pleasant, I put all my thoughts in the painting.

Q3: This is the first time you are involved in the field of NFT encryption art. You have selected the “My body, MY choice” series as an ethical art project that envisages high-dimensional creatures in outer space attached to your body for research on female reproductive rights. This is a cool theme. Can you talk about how you created this series of works?

A: The project was launched in May 2019. The cause was that the abortion bill proposed by the United States in May caused a strong social response. The name of the series of works comes from the protest slogans made by women all over the world when they marched on the streets to fight for their rights after the bill was enacted. The works use comprehensive materials, installations, costumes, and paintings. When creating artwork, I will put myself into role modeling. I believe that everyone engaged in creation must have the ability to empathize. I really want to experience the emotions and situations of different types of human roles. When I put myself in the role, I will instantly reach a “consensus” to gain a deeper understanding, that is, no one knows “self” better than “self”. I created the characters belonging to this series, the high-dimensional life forms sent from the high-dimensional universe to observe the lives of our human beings like three-dimensional creatures, and an observer who specializes in observing the behavior of our human beings to reproduce offspring. This creature is genderless, does not require reproduction, does not have any physical characteristics, and is a transparent existence. After months of observation, it will slowly adhere to the mark of human beings, with a fuzzy approximation of machinery but also human bones. There were no obvious organs, and later it was assimilated by human society and possessed life characteristics shared by men and women. And after this creature has experienced these unfair events that happened to women in all timelines, its own thinking and human feelings are different, so it has found me and extracted my emotional experience. In fact, the whole series has my thinking and its thinking. It is different from me. The essence it can see is that all the life characteristics of human beings that he sees as a dimensional creature are the same except for the reproductive organs, muscles and bones. They are all similar, and the power of men and women themselves should be the same. What I see is the prejudice and injustice brought about by this social reality.

Q4: In the “Back to plane” work, you have a “safe planet” of your own. You hate the reality and chaos of the world, but your artwork is dedicated to studying the problems in the real world that you hate. Do you think the “meta universe” world created by cryptographic art in the future will be the safe planet where you can hide?

A: I don’t know. I think it’s all forms. I think my own safe planet is my fantasy and it’s not in the real world at all. This series of works is the most self-expression. I suddenly remembered many scenes from my childhood. I seem to have been drifting away from all situations. When I was young, the teacher commented that I could not understand other people’s speech. I learned to swim in the swimming pool 4 times. The winner of the elementary school counting competition can get a doll, but I didn’t realize that it was a competition. At that time, all the children were swiftly Counting from 1 to 100, I counted for a while and then was in a daze. The teacher was very anxious. She probably thought I was a fool. I am always in a daze, now those memories are blurred. At that time, I was looking at the sky every day, going to the science and technology museum, subscribing to alien magazines, watching “Approach to Science”, and trying to get electricity back to my planet with my hands full of water after peeling shrimps. Then I started to paint. I could use all kinds of materials. I could express all my illusions. I immediately solved my homesickness, and I was able to stay on this planet with peace of mind. I found that all of my roots are wanting to go back to my planet. I think all the things I do here now are acting as a normal human being and imitating what humans do.

Q5: Please tell us about the NFT you understand and the crypto art circle around you.

A: Actually, I don’t understand. My friend LiuTian brought me in. He simply told me that this thing can get rid of the gallery system and create more freedom. I like everything that is free and I came in.


The name of the artwork: “Back to plan”, alias Magical Flower

Magical Flower 1

Magical Flower 2

Magical Flower 3

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