1. Join our tele group: https://t.me/NFTmart
  2. Follow our tele channel: https://t.me/NFTMartChannel
  3. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFTmartio
  4. Quote tweet the below tweet with #NFTMart and @ your favorite artists or friends: https://twitter.com/NFTmartio/status/1393477540983971847
  5. Fill out the Google Form: https://forms.gle/4ApmnjuDzHBSTJdB7

Event Date: May 15th — May 24th

Testnet tokens will be distributed on a daily basis according to the updated submission.

Our Channels:

Website : https://www.nftmart.io

Mart(Beta): https://beta.nftmart.io

Wechat: nftmartio


Mediue: https://nftmart-io.medium.com/

Tele-Group: https://t.me/NFTMart

Tele-Channel: https://t.me/NFTMartChannel

NFTMart IDO Is About to Begin!

NFTMart is delighted to announce that the IDO is about to begin on 24th May at 22:00 (Singapore Standard Time) on BOUNCE ( bounce.finance ). Community members will get a chance to secure a spot on the whitelist by transacting on the testnet. Anyone who gets on the whitelist will be 100% allowed to participate in the IDO.

Event details:

  1. Community members must complete the application form (members can participate before submitting the form)
  2. Users can buy and sell NFTs on the testnet to earn Credits (please refer to the below rules for earning…

NFTMart will be integrated with the well-known NFT video platform, Promenade, in order to allow users to instantly trade their favorite artist’s NFT directly via the Promenade interface. The two parties have achieved a strategic cooperative relationship. Prometheus’ video NFT will be released through NFTMart, providing its users with more abundant NFTs and diversified investment in NFTs.

About Promenade:

Promenade is an NFT video platform, which connects famous artists with their fans. It allows people to order an individual and unique video from their favorite celebrity for the special celebration. …

NFTMart has been actively interacting with our community members. We have collected several feedbacks as follows:


  1. Can we have a dark mode for the website? The complete white background seems a bit unsatisfying for the average viewer.

A: We will consider this feature for our Mainnet. Thanks for your feedback.

2. Say if I put 500 as pledge tokens while placing a sell order and there are only about 300 tokens in my wallet the system should generate some kind of error message

A: We haven’t set a limit on the insufficient funds. We’ll correct it asap.

3. When…

We have noticed that there is a scam group on Telegram using our logo to promote fake presale.

Please BE CAUTIOUS and NEVER trust any information that is not announced by our official channels.

Our official channels are:

Website: https://www.nftmart.io
Mart(Beta): https://beta.nftmart.io
Wechat: nftmartio (NFTMart Official Admin)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFTmartio
Mediue: https://nftmart-io.medium.com/

Recently, NFTMart, the well-known Polkadot-based NFT trading platform has reached a cooperation agreement with 93City in 798 ArtDist, Leng Sheng Studio, and Lingyun Gallery. NFTMart will work with partners to introduce traditional art and intangible cultural heritage to the chain, bringing more opportunities into the Chinese cultural market.

The partners are well-known for their art and cultural treasures, including China’s national intangible cultural heritage of 93City, Liu Style leather pyrography of Leng Sheng Studio, and Chinese calligraphy and landscape painting of Lingyun Gallery. The field of NFT art is taken over by Western art mostly with few oriental features. …


  1. Web3 Grant Milestone has been submitted to the committee for review
  2. NFTMart test nodes are connected to polkadot app portal
  3. NFTMart PreTest is open to the community and 4,128 members have participated in the testing, carrying out 12,612 transactions
  4. The design of NFTMart v0.2 is completed and is in development (including functions of royalties and auction etc.)
  5. Collaborated with well-know design team, and initiated the upgrade of brand VI
  6. Strategic cooperation with well-known art institutions & NGOs, specific partners to be disclosed in the future


NFTMart carried out its first AMA on April 24th successfully and lots of community members engaged in the event. The following are all the questions and answers from the AMA.

Q1. Could you introduce NFTMart?

NFTMart is a marketplace for NFTs which is based on blockchain. It is the first fractional trading NFTs marketplace in the Polkadot ecosystem, with its own public blockchain. And we committed to being the most professional NFT decentralised trading market.

Building with Substrate will deliver an accessible, scalable solution that everyone can easily participate in the emerging NFT ecosystem.

Recently, we’ve seen NFT popping up…

Dear community members:

We are very grateful for your support and the first round of airdrop is closed now. A total of 4,000+ people have provided their address successfully. For those who missed out the airdrop, please stay tuned for the upcoming events.

On April 19th, we launched the pre testnet, you can access our testnet now at https://beta.nftmart.io/#/.

On April 23rd, we will hold our first AMA on Telegram. Members can ask any questions during the event. We will mostly focus on the current status of our testnet and future plans. 10 questions from the community will be selected and we will provide 1,000 testnet tokens for each question as rewards.

Join the event at https://t.me/NFTmart

See you soon.

Thank you.

NFTMart team

NFTMart is excited to announce that we have raised PE funding of $ 1.5 million. Investors are OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Bixin Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, Signum, ParticleXYZ, Lancer Capital, BML, Ti Capital, PrimeBlock Ventures, Capstone Group、Biki, DMG, Collinstar Capital, Winning Capital, Kernal, SnapFingers Research, Symbol Capital, Oasis Capital, 7 O’Clock Foundation, EncryptClub, Searchlight Capital, Newave Capital, 499block, and Prometeus Labs. It is an important achievement following the seed funding last month. Among the seed funding investors, PAKA and LD continued to support the project in the private funding round.

NFTmart is committed to becoming the world’s most professional NFT decentralized…


NFTmart is committed to becoming the world’s most professional decentralized NFT trading market.

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