Announcement on the official operation of the NFTMart trading website

According to the established plan, the decentralized NFT trading website ( ) based on the NFTMart main chain has started trial operation on November 4, 2021. During the 68-day trial operation, the platform started from scratch and continued to accumulate. At present, there are more than 30 outstanding NFT artists, more than 500 NFTs have been issued. According to the comprehensive evaluation, we decided to end the trial operation on January 11, 2022, and gradually carry out various operational activities based on the NFTMart main chain.

We will conduct an NMT airdrop to all users participating in NFT transactions before January 18, 2022, and the detailed rules will be announced on January 17. At the same time, we will open the NFT trading competition on January 18. The NFT trading competition is mainly to encourage everyone to experience the NFT trading. The specific activity rules will also be officially announced on January 17.

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