NFTMart and adFunture reached a strategic cooperation

Recently, the well-known NFT trading platform in Polkadot NFTMart announced a strategic cooperation with adFunture, a well-known Chinese art toy brand.

The companies will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of NFT + art toys to help more street artists and designers understand and use the blockchain, and introduce the street culture and art toys into the NFT world. They together will provide NFT investors and collectors with richer investment products and collections.

| About adFunture

adFunture was founded in Hong Kong in 2002. It is a platform for cooperating with outstanding street artists and designers all over the world. Designers are always the core of all adFunture products.

In addition, adFunture believes that products stem from design. Design not only allows the product to have functions but also gives it life. It is because of the persistence in art and design. Many heavyweights in street culture have collaborated with adFunture.

adFunture, as a rare domestic art toy brand, has achieved outstanding results for 15 years. In addition to a number of well-known toys, adFunture has also cooperated with well-known brands such as Fujiwara Hiroshi, Jeff Staple, Futura, Mishka, Flying Fortress, Devilrobots, D*Face, Fafi, Faile, etc. It has launched a joint model with extraordinary strengths.

In order to allow trendy consumers to better understand street artists and understand the products they create, adFunture organizes exhibitions of artists’ works while selling products. So far, many exhibitions have been held in Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Shanghai, and other places. The total number of street artists and trend designers participating in the exhibition has exceeded 200.

adFunture has always combined art design and trend culture and has established a bridge of cooperation between China and the world. adFunture’s designer toys are another form of art collection, and this popular culture and art platform will continue to thrive.

| About NFTMart

NFTmart is a development based on a substrate architecture, which is the first decentralized NFT translation public chain in the world. It is committed to providing users with professional services including low Gas fee, NFT issuance, trading, investment and other services.

It is divided into two parts:

The first part is an open and decentralized NFT public chain, which is mainly used for the issuance of NFT products and transaction data on the chain. The second part provides friendly transaction scenarios for the website for users to upload or trade NFT conveniently and quickly.

NFTMart will also establish an ecological fund to support third parties to expand NFTMart through interfaces, contracts, and other methods to achieve a more diversified NFT+ ecosystem.

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