How to create a NFTMart mainnet account

How to create a NFTMart mainnet account

* Note the following steps

  1. It is recommended to use a PC computer and download the Chrome browser (

4. Click the plug-in icon and click “+” in the pop-up window to create an account;

5. Select “Create new account”

6. Please use paper and pen to write down the 12 mnemonic words (12-Word MNEMONIC SEED). After making sure to record them correctly and keep them in a safe place, select “I have saved my mnemonic seed safely” and click “Next Step”

7. Enter the name of the wallet (this name is only visible to you), such as: My NMT. Then enter the password. After entering the password, you will be asked to enter it again. (Be sure to remember the password. If you lose it and you can’t retrieve it, you can only reply to the account with a mnemonic phrase), and finally click “Add the account with generated seed” to complete the account creation.

8. Visit and click “Yes, allow this application access” in the pop-up window.

9. Access the account, you can see the information of the account just created

10. Click on the account name (for example, “MY NMT (EXTENSION)”) to view the complete account information page:

A. The account name just set;

B. The address of the account. NFTMart main chain accounts all start with “nm” (need to be used when transferring money, etc.);

C. Click to transfer money abroad;

D. Click to add tags and remarks;

E. The balance of the current account;

About NFTMart

NFTMart is a marketplace for NFTs based on the Substrate Framework.

It’s a fractional trading NFTs marketplace in the Polkadot ecosystem, with our own public chain. and we commit to being the most professional NFT marketplace in the world.

NFTMart is committed to being a low-cost-to-participate NFT marketplace, which provides users with NFT issuance and transaction services.

It is divided into two parts:

The first part is an open and decentralized NFT public chain, which delivers the issuance of NFTs and transaction data on the chain.

The second part is which we provide a fun, simple, accessible transaction experience for all. NFTMart is taking steps toward developing itself into a decentralized autonomous organization.

NFTMart will also establish an ecological fund to support third parties to expand NFTMart through interfaces, contracts, and other methods to achieve a more diversified NFT+ ecosystem.

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Wechat: nftmartio

QQ-Group: 72296606





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NFTmart is committed to becoming the world’s most professional decentralized NFT trading market.

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NFTmart is committed to becoming the world’s most professional decentralized NFT trading market.