Community Feedback on Testnet in April

2 min readMay 10, 2021

NFTMart has been actively interacting with our community members. We have collected several feedbacks as follows:


  1. Can we have a dark mode for the website? The complete white background seems a bit unsatisfying for the average viewer.

A: We will consider this feature for our Mainnet. Thanks for your feedback.

2. Say if I put 500 as pledge tokens while placing a sell order and there are only about 300 tokens in my wallet the system should generate some kind of error message

A: We haven’t set a limit on the insufficient funds. We’ll correct it asap.

3. When I click on an NFT the first thing it would show is that it isn't listed, but then when I click the back button or if I wait a while it shows as listed and shows the Buy button

A: There is buffering time when reading the data from the chain. We’ll be optimizing this part.

4. Too slow.

A: We’re trying to update the server and network. We’ve already tried several methods but seemed not good enough. We’ll try to tackle this problem asap.

5. It would be good if you specify the minimum pledge amount so users would not get confused.

A: Thanks for the feedback and we’ll work on it.

6. Also none of the footer links are working … like Twitter , GIT, Facebook .. etc

A: This one too. We’ll fix it asap.


  1. Do you have a whitelist?

A: Not yet.

2. Is there any charge for the transaction/gas fee?

A: currently only on-chain gas fee.

3. We need more Testnet coins though.

A: We’ll have more events and give away tokens.

Besides, NFTMart has provided extra 1,000 tokens for those who have provided feedback to support the community.

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