NFTMart partners with SubQuery to build a marketplace for NFTs

Reading on-chain data was a slow process until we met SubQuery.

Gaining insights from the blockchain is easy thanks to SubQuery.

Our ecosystem is incomplete without SubQuery.

SubQuery is a powerful tool for Web3 developers. It’s easy to learn and simple to use. As a developer myself, I really appreciate the SubQuery team’s work. SubQuery has become an indispensable part of our project. Choosing SubQuery has always been a great decision for us.

At NFTMart, we love using SubQuery and we are excited to use it to build our ecosystem. We are also excited to see how SubQuery has expanded its data indexing capabilities to other chains like Terra and Avalanche. Innovation is always a good thing, and we will continue to cooperate with SubQuery to build a better ecosystem for NFTs.

About SubQuery

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