NFTMart Bi-Weekly Updates(20210719~20210801)

  1. Reached a strategic cooperation with PUZAOSI and GUANSHANZHIYUE
  2. NFTMart completes the first milestone delivery of Web3 Foundation Grants (
  3. NFT blind box products are online, holding NMT or well-known NFT, can receive Chinese Opera Mask Plus NFT(
  4. The front-end products of the new version of NFTMart testnet have entered the final testing stage and will be launched soon;
  5. The development of the official version of NFTicket has started, and it is expected that it will be available for official use 2 weeks after the NFTMart mainnet is launched;
  6. The first issue of NFTMart Channel is online, interview with Hong Kong artist Rose Wong



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NFTmart is committed to becoming the world’s most professional decentralized NFT trading market.