NFTMart and Hu Mi Studio reached in-depth cooperation

4 min readAug 6, 2021


NFTMart, a well-known NFT trading platform in Polkadot, announced an in-depth cooperation with the famous artist Zhao Zhiguang’s Hu Mi Studio recently.

By collaborating with Hu Mi Studio, NFTMart will migrate artworks that were out of reach of the former public to the chains which will allow the owners to have zero-distance access to the artworks in the form of NFT. And the public can participate in the experience of traditional artworks at a price that is affordable and transparent. In this way, a series of privileged and playable interactive experiences will be derived, which will truly make NFT popular and promote traditional Chinese art to the world.

About Hu Mi Studio

Hu Mi Studio was founded by Zhao Zhiguang in 2018. Zhao Zhiguang is an artist obsessed with tigers. He is also a member of the Jilin Province Artists Association, a member of the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association, and a national first-class artist. He has devoted himself to painting for more than 30 years and is famous for painting tigers.

Mr. Zhao blended traditional Chinese painting with foreign oil painting and created his own oil painting technique of tiger brushwork. By constantly observing the form of the tiger, he incorporated his own thoughts into each piece of work, giving the soul and thought of the tiger. During the 2008 Olympic Games, his works were also presented to international friends as a national Olympic gift.

In Chinese culture, the tiger is considered the king of animals. Mr. Zhao Zhiguang’s tigers have the majesty of a king no matter standing or lying down, in harmony with the calm and firm background naturally in his paintings.

The Siberian tiger has a strong body (the maximum weight can reach 500 kg). When expressing the tiger state, it requires special attention to the folds and flow direction of each line. The grasp of light and shadow reflects his solid sketching skills;

Beard is the most important tactile organ of a tiger. Mr. Zhao Zhiguang more focuses on the layers of the paintings. Whether it is oil painting or traditional Chinese painting, he draws every tiger’s whiskers to life;

Through his grasp of the tiger’s eyes and demeanor, he can see that each tiger has a different character, age, and thoughts. He truly integrated the tiger into life, into every piece of work.

About “Tiger” derivative collaboration

Hu Mi Studio will enter into a derivative collaboration with the offline gallery “The Art Space of №27 Huqiu Road” in the NFTMart ecosystem, and communicate with the young and cutting-edge artists under its contract in the NFT world, using multiple and smart multimedia formats. The unbounded series of derivatives in harmony with the trend pave the way for the coming of the Year of the Tiger. Looking forward to online and offline collaboration, you can get rewards for hidden Easter eggs!

About NFTMart

NFTMart is a marketplace for NFTs based on the Substrate Framework.

It’s a fractional trading NFTs marketplace in the Polkadot ecosystem, with our own public chain. and we commit to being the most professional NFT marketplace in the world.

NFTMart is committed to being a low-cost-to-participate NFT marketplace, which provides users with NFT issuance and transaction services.

It is divided into two parts:

The first part is an open and decentralized NFT public chain, which delivers the issuance of NFTs and transaction data on the chain.

The second part is which we provide a fun, simple, accessible transaction experience for all. NFTMart is taking steps toward developing itself into a decentralized autonomous organization.

NFTMart will also establish an ecological fund to support third parties to expand NFTMart through interfaces, contracts, and other methods to achieve a more diversified NFT+ ecosystem.

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