Discover the most popular COMP NFT

2 min readAug 10, 2021


We have received lots of likes and support from many users since the contest was launched. To express our gratitude to all our supporters, we will launch a “Discover the Most Popular Chinese Opera Mask Plus (COMP) NFT” voting contest.

Contest period: August 10th — 17th

How to participate:

1. Find your favorite COMP NFT on opensea via, and post it on Twitter.

2. Each person can post multiple times, subject to the highest retweeted post;

Example of forwarding:

I am participating in the “Discover the most popular #COMP_NFT” activity,👏Highest1000 NMT

🤲 Help Like&RT

Tag 3 of your friends

✅Follow @NFTMartio

✅activity Details:

The word in the example must be included when tweeting, otherwise the tweet is invalid


Sharing prizes (total 2200 NMT)

1st place: 1000NMT

2nd place: 500NMT

3rd place: 200NMT

4th to 6th place: 100NMT

7th to 10th place: 50 NMT

If the total number of RT+ likes reaches 20, you will be awarded a prize for participation and a whitelist qualification. Each twitter is subject to only one claim. The whitelist qualification will be given after the contest ends;

Rating Rules:

1. The ranking is based on the number of retweets;

2. If multiple people have the same number of retweets, their ranking will be based on the number of likes

3. If multiple people have the same retweets and likes, they will share the prize together;

All forms must be submitted on the last day of the contest:

Prizes will be issued within three working days after the contest ends


1. The number of likes and RTs must be at least 20 to be eligible

2. The COMP that is posted on Twitter must be the COMP selected at

The Chinese Opera Mask Plus NFT (COMP for short) with Chinese cultural characteristics is issued by NFTMart. It was officially launched on July 28th, and the first batch of NFT is open for free collection campaign.

Contest link:

How to get whitelist qualification:




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