Announcement on the distribution of rewards for NFTMart Trading Contest

2 min readFeb 21, 2022

The NFTMart trading competition has ended on January 18, 2022, Singapore time. All rewards have been distributed. Thank you for your participation.

At present, the NFTMart community is still holding “Guess the closing price”. Welcome to participate. The community address is

The rules of the event are as follows:

Activity time:

November 23, 2021, 0:00 ~ December 8, 2021, 0:00(UTC+8,SGT)

Activity Rules:

  1. Rank based on the accumulated NFT transaction volume (buy + sell) during the event;
  2. If the same user buys and sells the same NFT work multiple times, it will only be valid for the first time;
  3. The artist sells the NFT created by himself, which is not included in the accumulated transaction volume;
  4. Each user can only use one account to participate in the activity, and the system will analyze the data and check for cheating accounts without awarding them;

prize settings:

  • The 1st to 10th, share 100,000 NMT rewards according to the transaction amount;
  • The 11th to 30th, share 50,000 NMT rewards based on the transaction amount;
  • The 31st to 60th, share 20,000 NMT rewards based on the transaction amount;
  • The 61st to 100th, share 10,000 NMT rewards based on the transaction amount;
  • During the event, all users participating in NFT transactions can receive a minimum 10NMT airdrop reward;






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